Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bullseye Night Update plus League Table & Fixtures - 22nd August

The latest darts league standings are up now:

"Bullseye" Night - Date Changed
The "Bullseye" darts & quiz night is now going to be on Sunday 28th August from 8:30pm so that most people won't have work the next day (it's Bank Holiday Monday). I've got a couple of teams signed up already - if you're interested please can you put your team name and individual names on a slip of paper and hand it over the bar with your £5 before the night - I really need to have these in a.s.a.p.

To recap - teams of 2 (one darts player, one brainy) will compete against each other through a series of elimination rounds. I will be hosting the event (you can call me Jim Bowen for the night) and it's basically a social event - should be lots of fun so come along and join in! The more the merrier.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

League Table & Fixtures - 8th August

 It was a catch-up week this week. We cleared the backlog of matches involving James & Graham and we will be going into the second half on the 24th August. We had a little 8-way knockout competition last night as well - just one leg of 501 in each match - which James won with some steady scoring and efficient checking out.

The latest table and fixtures are here:
Next Monday is another knockout - 3 legs of 301 with double in.

Bullseye Night
Bank Holiday Monday 29th August will be Bullseye Night. I need teams of 2 - one darts player and one non-darts player - to compete through a number of rounds of darts skill and general knowledge to try and become the pub Bullseye champions! Entry will be £5 per team - it's open to anybody - and there'll be signs going up in the pub soon.

The format will be based on the TV show. The initial rounds will allocate subject categories to numbers around the board, so 5, 20 or 1 might be Sport, 18, 4 or 13 might be History and so on. Outside the treble ring will be worth 30 points, inside will be 50 points and the bullseye will be 100. One team will be eliminated at the end of each round. The next rounds will be like "Pounds for Points" with normal darts scoring and will continue until we are down to the final team.

The value of the prizes will depend on how many teams I can get signed up before the night - I'll keep you updated. There will be a first, second and third prize for the top 3 placed teams. And of course there will be a special "Star Prize" that the top team can gamble their winnings against...

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

League Table & Fixtures - 1st August

A good turn out last night - thanks everybody. Next week will be a catch-up week and we'll have a little competition as well.

There will be a knockout on 15th August - open to anybody who's interested - and another one on the Bank Holiday 29th.

Here's the latest standings:
PS: I'm thinking about doing a "Bullseye" night some time soon - let me know if you'd be up for it. Will need teams of 2 (one darts player, one non-darts player to answer the questions).