Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Match Report - 25th February 2013

It's a good thing we all get along well on our darts nights because we were crowded into the back corner of the pub last night because of a rescheduled pool match: the awkward proximity meant neither our regular darts players nor those taking part in the pool match alongside the oche were happy about continually getting in each other's way. We can only hope that this kind of scheduling cock-up doesn't happen again.

Match Report
Sam returned from last week's break to two matches. In the first she was up against the ever-improving Natasha who hit a succession of good scores (several in the 70's and 80's) to build a lead in the first two legs. Unfortunately Natasha struggled with her doubles and Sam was able to catch up and check out, winning 3-0.

Tom played James in the second match. Although he put in a decent performance, scoring 100 at one point, he couldn't match James's scoring - including a highest-of-the-night 140 - and accurate finishing which saw him check out an excellent 77. Result: 3-0 to James.

Doughnut-fueled Ben took on top-of-the-table Andy next and after winning the throw started strongly with 116 from his first 3 darts. The next few throws didn't match this but he kept in front and finished with a stunning 107 checkout (treble-19, then missed the bullseye landing in the 20, double-30 out) to take the first leg. I don't know if the doughnuts wore off but he couldn't manage to maintain this form through the next two legs and Andy took a 2-1 lead, narrowly missing a 145 checkout in one leg when his third dart landed just below the double-top. In the final leg Andy struggled with his double, leaving Ben with a chance to tie the match if he could only hit double-12, but it was not to be and Andy won 3-1.

Sam's second trip to the oche was against Darren. It was a well-fought match but Darren couldn't match Sam who outscored him, matching James's 140 high score from earlier as well as proving a dead-shot on her doubles to win 3-0.

Finally it was the turn of Ram and Anne. Ram powered into an early lead with a 17-dart leg and although the following legs didn't match the intensity of that first one, he was unlucky not to check out a 145 along the way to a 3-0 victory.
Next Week
There will be a knockout next week before we return on 11th March for the final round of the league. The knockout will be the best of 3 legs of 401 with double-in. As usual it will be open to anybody who wants to play. £2.50 each to enter on the night (from 8pm), cash prizes for the winner and runner-up.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Match Report - 18th February 2013

Match Report
It was Round 5 last night which leaves most of us with just two matches remaining this season. Andy and James were first up. James started slow and despite some good scores including a 123 he didn't find his usual consistency and Andy won 3-0, hitting the night's highest checkout of 40 along the way.

Anne played Ben next and, after a slow first leg where both struggled to find the last double, the pace picked up as Ben started finding the trebles and put in some 80+ scores. Along with a sharper aim on the doubles this proved too much for Anne to match, although she hit some creditable scores along the way, and Ben won 3-0.

James was back on the oche in the third match of the night against Darren and at first it looked as if this match would go the way of his earlier one as Darren took a 2-0 lead. However, James found his form in the end and with both players scoring well (132 for Darren, 129 and 140 for James) he held on for a 2-2 draw and a point each.

Natasha and Ram met in the next match and it was a spirited performance by Natasha who had her best scoring legs of darts yet this season and was unlucky not to take one leg against Ram, one of our top players, when he failed to hit his double. The final leg was also close score-wise but Ram prevailed to win 3-0.

Rounding off the night's action were Tom and Andy. Tom threw some good arrows and won a leg but Andy started hitting ton-pluses including a 140 to reach his out shot first. Despite this Tom kept going strong and was unlucky to miss out on a 80+ checkout when his last dart landed just the wrong side of the wire. Final result: 3-1 to Andy.
Next WeekRound 6 will be played next Monday. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Ben v Andy
Darren v Sam
Ram v Anne
Sam v Natasha
Tom v James

The following Monday 4th March will be a knockout.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Match Report - 11th February 2013

Match Report
Last night was Round 4 so we are now officially past the half-way point in this season.

Andy and Sam got the ball rolling in the first match and some good scoring from Sam including a 114 kept the pressure on Andy but doubles proved harder to find and Andy won 3-0.

Ben played Natasha next and after a slow start which saw both players return to the oche time and again for the last double the pace picked up. Natasha had her best scoring match so far and kept it close despite a 100 and 116 from Ben, but Ben's checkouts were steadier (after two failed attempts at 67 - twice hit the treble-17 but bust with a single 16 instead of the double-8) and he won 3-0.

Darren faced Tom in the third match. Steady darts from Darren gave him the edge and although there were no big scores he made his doubles count to take the match 3-0.

James and Anne were next up and James put in a workman-like performance. Despite a shaky spell on his scoring his checkouts were accurate, including a 40 and 52, to win 3-0.

Finally Sam returned to play her second match of the night, this time against Ram. With the added spice of a promise to swap shirts if Ram won this was a keenly contested match. Sam was scoring very well - the best scores of the night including the top score of 125 - but again her doubles were her undoing and although she had a lead in each leg it was Ram who checked out, hitting the night's highest checkout 69 to take one of the legs: 3-0 to Ram.
Suits you, sir!
Next Week
No Sam for Round 5 next week so a couple of fixtures have been swapped.
Andy v James
Anne v Ben
James v Darren
Natasha v Ram
Tom v Andy

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pairs Knockout - 4 February 2013

Match Report
A bit of fun last night: it was a pairs knockout with the pairs being chosen at random. Matches were played as the best of 5 legs of 501.

Ben & Tom were drawn against Andy & Matt in the first match. The first leg was the now traditional lengthy hunt for the last double but Andy finally found double-1 to take an early lead which they held onto despite being outscored through most of the match, Ben hitting the night's highest score of 121 to win a consolation £5 (although he also scored a 3 with another throw, inconsistency striking again). Final score: 3-1 to Andy & Matt and a place in the final.

In the second match Sam & Ram played Anne & James. There must have been an outbreak of dartitis because both Ram and James struggled to find either doubles or trebles. Steady play from Sam and Anne kept the scores close but the star of the match, and indeed the night, was Anne with some killer checkouts: she checked out all three legs for a 3-0 win to her and James.

And so to the final. Steady throwing from both Andy and Matt was too much for the wayward arrows of James and Anne who unfortunately couldn't repeat the form of her previous match, and Andy & Matt took the laurels, and the £10 prize, with a 3-0 victory. Andy also scored the highest checkout of 63 for an additional £5.

As is so common in pairs the scoring in tonight's matches was lower than a normal singles match - the format means it is difficult to get into a throwing rhythm - and there were surprisingly few trebles all night. Having said that, the majority of scores were in the 40 to 60 range, which is decent scoring for pub darts. All in all it was a lot of fun and made a change from the regular format. Thanks to everyone who turned up to play or watch, and also to our landlady Sam for putting on the food.

Next Week
It's a return to the regular league next week as we reach Round 4 - the halfway point. The matches will be:
Andy v Sam
Ben v Natasha
Darren v Tom
James v Anne
Sam v Ram