Tuesday, 18 October 2011

End of Season Table - 17 October 2011

Well, that's the 2011 summer league fixtures all played. Unfortunately Anne isn't well at the moment and couldn't play her last match so Graham got the 2 points for that one. Some good performances this time out. Here's the final standings and complete results:
Next Monday 24th will be final night. I'm not expecting Anne to be fit to play so the first round draw will involve the remaining seven with a bye for top of the table Ram.

Final Knockout Draw
First Round
  1. Ram has a bye
  2. Craig v Ben
  3. James v Graham
  4. Andy v Darren
Semi Finals
  • Ram v winner of #4
  • Winner of #2 v winner of #3
There will be cash prizes for the top 3. A big thank you to everybody who took part. The next league will start in the New Year, but don't forget the big annual Christmas Knockout to be held on 19th December this year.

Halloween Special
There will be a special competition on Monday 31st, Halloween. All the entrants will be drawn into two teams and will compete through singles, doubles and a gallon. It will be £3 per player to enter and the winning team will share the pot. I'm hoping Ram will show up as the Count - it'd be a laugh if we could get everybody there in fancy dress for a proper party atmosphere. I'll be putting notices up soon in the pub.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

League Table & Fixtures - 10th October

We're into the last round now and just need Graham to play his remaining four matches before we go into the finals. Sorry I didn't manage to get the results together last week - too busy with one thing and another. Honourable mention to Darren who threw a cracking 154 but bust; dishonourable mention for also throwing a 2 in the same match.

We played an impromptu 6-way knockout last night to give everybody who was there a game - despite me throwing some of my best darts this year I lost to Craig in the preliminary round. James put in a steady performance all round to win it and collect the £12 prize. Thanks to everyone who took part.

The finals will be on Monday 24th October and will be an 8-way knockout where 1st plays 8th, 2nd plays 7th and so on.
Halloween Special
There will be a special competition on Monday 31st October, Halloween. I'll split the entrants into two teams and have a series of singles and doubles matches - maybe even an all-in 1001. This one will be £3 per entrant with the winnings divided among the victorious team.