Friday, 8 July 2011


Hi! My name's Ben and I currently organise a fun darts league at the Royal Standard pub on Frimley Road, Frimley, Surrey.

The league all started a couple of years ago when a bunch of guys decided that it would liven up Monday nights if they had a weekly darts competition. The format was based on the PDC Premier League and it was organised by a guy called Stuart. I played in it and finished up in the top 4 to get a trophy and cash prize.

Unfortunately due to personal circumstances Stuart was unable to organise the next competition so I volunteered and have been organising it since then.

The format is based on a round-robin with each person playing everyone else twice. We play matches over four legs of 301 which allows matches to result in a draw. Two points are awarded for a win and one for a draw and the players are ranked in order of points. The top few at the end of the "season" have a playoff knockout to win trophies and cash prizes.

As well as the league I also organise regular one-off knockout competitions. These might involve variations such as double-in, 501 instead of 301 or even pairs. I will post details of upcoming knockouts here: basically they are open to anybody as long as they can pay the entry fee (normally £2). The next one coming up will be on 15th August 2011 from 8pm.

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