Tuesday, 11 October 2011

League Table & Fixtures - 10th October

We're into the last round now and just need Graham to play his remaining four matches before we go into the finals. Sorry I didn't manage to get the results together last week - too busy with one thing and another. Honourable mention to Darren who threw a cracking 154 but bust; dishonourable mention for also throwing a 2 in the same match.

We played an impromptu 6-way knockout last night to give everybody who was there a game - despite me throwing some of my best darts this year I lost to Craig in the preliminary round. James put in a steady performance all round to win it and collect the £12 prize. Thanks to everyone who took part.

The finals will be on Monday 24th October and will be an 8-way knockout where 1st plays 8th, 2nd plays 7th and so on.
Halloween Special
There will be a special competition on Monday 31st October, Halloween. I'll split the entrants into two teams and have a series of singles and doubles matches - maybe even an all-in 1001. This one will be £3 per entrant with the winnings divided among the victorious team.

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