Tuesday, 21 February 2012

League Table & Fixtures - 20th February

The league is well under way now - two weeks in - and things are shaping up. Looks like my decision to play legs from 501 instead of 301 is paying off: there's some good, steady scoring with more trebles than previous seasons.

Match Report
Andy started the night off with another solid performance - four or five tons - and deservedly whitewashed me 3-0. I salvaged some respect with a 101 and then a 140 in one leg but couldn't find a double with both hands! Anne played Craig, and despite some good scoring and taking one leg with a brief appearance on the high checkout leaderboard, Craig's finishing made the difference. James took on Ram, winning 3-1 although both felt they didn't play their best. And finally, in a substitute fixture since Darren was unable to play his match, I played Sam. She scored well - the scores were well-matched - but I must have benefited from playing earlier because my aim was much improved on the doubles and I won the match. My 140 stood as the highest score on the night and James checked out with a 60 to take that prize.
Next Week
Having played two matches this week with the rearranged fixtures I now have a week off, with Darren playing two matches next time. The fixtures are:
  1. Andy v Anne
  2. Craig v Ram
  3. Darren v James
  4. Darren v Sam
And Finally...
There will be a knockout in three weeks' time (12th March). Open to everybody - come along and join in!

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