Tuesday, 24 April 2012

League Table & Fixtures - 23rd April

Match Report
Only three matches were played last night in round 9 with Ram being away. Andy and Ben played first with Andy hitting some high scores (two 125's and several other ton-pluses). Ben did manage to get down to a checkout in each leg despite some inconsistent throwing - try to get all three darts in the board next time - but poor aim on the doubles counted against him yet again, Andy winning 3-0 despite leaving the door open with an uncharacteristic lack of precision in his checking out. Andy also hit a finish of 60 to win the prize for highest checkout.

Anne and Craig were second up and Craig threw some steady darts including a 140 which won him the high score prize. Finishing was weaker than usual from both players but Craig had the best of it to win 3-0. The third and last match saw Sam take on Darren. Both players like their 19's and there were a good few treble-19's in a contest that was fairly evenly-matched for scores. Darren had the edge in accuracy on his doubles though, and finished with a 3-0 win.

Next Week
Bit of a reshuffle in next week's fixtures to work around holidays.
Andy v Anne
Ben v Sam
Darren v James
James v Ram

The following week (7th May) will be another knockout, this time featuring double-in - it's an area of the game where we're all a little weak and this ought to provide a little incentive to tighten things up. But don't worry - we won't be using my practice board with the half-width doubles.

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