Tuesday, 22 May 2012

League Match Report - Round 11 - 21st May 2012

Match Report
It was a super, smashing, great night of darts with very close results all round. Darren and Ben played first with Darren winning the first leg after a shaky start from both on the doubles. Ben then came back and won the next two with accurate checkouts, despite Darren scoring a 140 in one leg. Darren then took the final leg for a 2-2 draw and a point each.

It was an all-female match next with Sam against Anne. Despite playing with a bad back, Sam took an early 2-0 lead, also hitting the highest checkout of 42, but Anne came back winning the third leg with some strong scoring. It all came down to the doubles again in the fourth leg with Sam coming home to win the match 3-1.

The big guns were in action in the third fixture between Ram and Andy. Ram, returning after a 3 week break, looked as if he'd never been away from the oche, while Andy was cool and steady as usual. It was 2-1 to Ram going into the last leg after he had narrowly missed making it 3-0, missing his double to let Andy back in. The last leg might not have been as intense as the first three but it remained close with Andy first to a double and taking the leg for a 2-2 draw.

The final match of round 11 saw James take on Craig. In a fast-paced match with a good many ton-plus scores, both players hit 140 and it was honours even as it finished in another 2-2 draw.

Next Week
There's a two week break from the league because of Bank Holidays and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, so next week will be a knockout. If people are interested I will also run a competition on Monday 4th June, possibly with some kind of a royal theme - watch this space as they say.

EDITED - As a reader has kindly pointed out, next Monday (28th May) is not a Bank Holiday, but it will still be a knockout.

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