Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Match Report - 21 January 2013

It might have been icy outside but we still had a full turnout last night - super smashing great!

Match Report
First match of the night was Sam and Ben, a close match that saw each leg go against the throw to finish 2-2 - a fair result. Only one 100+ score, a 101 by Sam, as that treble-20 proved elusive yet again but some sharp throwing on the doubles made it a quick match.

The same can't be said for the next one as Darren took on Anne in the longest 4 legs of darts I've ever seen! I don't keep a record of the number of darts thrown in each match which is just as well because in a couple of the legs both players were trying to hit their doubles for nearly 20 minutes! We even had a change of scorer during the 3rd leg because it had taken so long. No wonder both players needed a lie down afterwards. Oh, and the eventual result was 3-1 to Darren. Well done to Anne for hitting a 111 score and winning her first leg of this season.

Tom played Natasha in the third match. Despite Natasha continuing to show improvement and getting in reach of a finish, Tom threw more consistently, winning 3-0 after checking out the final leg with 77, the highest checkout of the night.

That left Ram to play James and then Andy. Strong scoring from these players saw the highest score raised first to 125 by James and then to 140 by Ram - the highest of the night. Ram had chances but was unsteady on his checkouts and James took his match 3-1. It was a similar story against Andy, who took advantage of Ram's below-par finishing to force a draw even though his scoring was not up to his usual standards. As Bobby George said, scoring for show, doubles for dough.
Next Week
Round 3 next week, the 28th January:

Andy v Sam
Darren v Ben
Natasha v James
Ram v Ben
Tom v Anne

The first Monday in February, the 4th, will be an open knockout. £2.50 to enter with cash prizes going to first and second places. Everybody welcome.

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