Thursday, 6 June 2013

Round 6 - 4th June 2013

There was more reworking of the fixture list as Anne was not recovered enough to play her remaining fixtures, so that meant just three matches to round off this league. I'm sure we all wish her the best and hope she feels up to returning soon.

Match Report
Ben played Tom in the opener and some strong scoring from Tom saw him take the first leg comfortably. Ben picked up in the second leg and hit three 80+ scores, following this up with a good checkout to level the match. While Tom continued to throw well, Ben's throw was inconsistent (unless scoring five 5's - 1, 1, treble-1 - in an evening can be called consistency) and Tom won the final two legs comfortably for a 3-1 victory.

Ben was in action again against Darren in the second match of the night and seemed to have recovered some of his form, finding the treble-20 less elusive than in the previous games. Darren started well, going ahead with the first leg, but his form dipped towards the end of the match and Ben came back to secure the draw 2-2.

The final match of the night, and the league, saw Ram play Sam. Sam scored well throughout, including the night's second highest total of 118, but couldn't match Ram's consistency as he went ahead in leg after leg. Despite a little shakiness on one checkout after leaving himself double-5, Ram won decisively 3-0.

Bonus points went to Tom for the highest score 119 as well as the highest checkout 54, and a clean sheet bonus to Ram.
Next Week
Next week is the Finals, a playoff knockout to decide the overall winner of this league. The final fixtures are:

Qualifying Round
Q1: Ben v Sam
Q2: Darren v Tom

Semi Finals
James v Q1 Winner
Ram v Q2 Winner

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