Monday, 9 September 2013

League Round 5 - 3rd September 2013

For various reasons including Glen's new commitments on Monday and Tuesday nights I have decided to reduce this season to just one match between each pair of players: the 17th September (Round 7) will be the last round of this league. Glen has already played all his matches so the results to date will all stand. There will be further details provided on the next league night, the 10th September.

Match Report
Tom v Ben
Ben threw first to get the night under way. There was nothing exceptional from either player in the first leg which Ben finished with a double-1 to take the lead. Better darts in the second saw Ben take a lead of over 100 when with 228 remaining he hit his first ever 180, following it up on his next throw with an impressive 16, double-16 to go 2-0 up. A return to the usual averages in the third leg saw Tom run him close but with both going for their doubles it was Ben with another double-1 who took the match.

Glen v Darren
Not a sparkling performance from Glen who struggled on his doubles, but Darren was his own worst enemy with some of the poorest darts we've seen from him in the league and gifted Glen a 3-0 victory.

Nick v Tom
A decent performance from Tom who had one or two chances but Nick proved too strong and kept his nose in front in all three legs, racking up his third 3-0 win.

Claire v Glen
In a slow-paced match with some decent scores around the 80 mark both players had double trouble but it was Glen who finally found the target for a second 3-0 of the night.

Darren v Anne
A great start from Anne with some decent scoring against a below-par Darren saw her take the first leg but she couldn't keep the pressure on and he came back to take the next three legs for a 3-1 win.

James v Ram
Steady darts from James with accurate doubles saw him maintain an edge in this close match against Ram, who has suffered from too many arrows straying into the 5 recently. Both had chances at high 3-dart checkouts only to slip on the third dart but these were the still the most consistent performances of the night. Ram was unlucky to come away with little for his efforts as James won 3-1.

Tom v Glen
It was Glen's last chance to equal the high score and he seemed to be trying too hard as there was an obvious tension in his throw affecting his accuracy. Although leaving his glasses at home obviously didn't help either. Some better checking out than earlier matches gave Glen a third clean sheet of the night.

So Ben joins Ram in this season's 180 club as well as winning £10 for both the highest score and highest checkout 48. Bonus points for 3-0 went to Glen (3), Nick and Ben.
Next Week
  • Anne v Claire
  • Anne v Ram
  • Ben v Nick
  • Darren v Tom
  • James v Claire

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