Tuesday, 20 March 2012

League Table & Fixtures - 19th March

Match Report
Last night was round 5 of 14 and the table is settling down. No upsets in the matches as James beat Ben 3-1, Craig drew against league leader Andy, Darren won against Anne and Ram took the honours in his match with Sam.

Darren won the highest checkout with a 51 and it looked like Andy and Craig were going to be sharing the highest score with 134 until Sam hit a stunning 165 (treble-19, treble-17 and another treble-19). I did see Ram score a 180 but it was unfortunately only a practice throw. And finally, entering the Hall of Shame is Darren who managed to score 1 with three darts in one of his legs.
Next Week
Ben v Anne
Craig v Sam
Darren v Ram
James v Andy

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