Tuesday, 6 March 2012

League Table & Fixtures - 5th March

Match Report
Four rounds played now and it's going well. Craig and James opened the night's action. Some good ton-plus scores from Craig gave him the edge and he was unlucky not to check out one leg with 150: he hit his two treble 20's and landed his third dart just outside the wire of the double 15. Fueled by sausage and chip butties we resumed with Darren playing Ben in a mid-table clash. Despite some erratic throws in the middle of the match (several single-figure scores including two 3's by Ben) it was close and finished in a deserved draw with Ben winning the highest checkout with a one dart double-Top. The ladies were up next as Sam met Anne for the first time in the league. Anne was as entertaining as ever but Sam, running on Red Bull, proved the steadier hand and won her first match. Last up were Ram and Andy. In a well-contested match Ram had the edge in scoring with several scores of a ton or more including the night's highest of 137. Accurate checking out sealed the victory for Ram. Well played everybody!
Next Week
Next week will be a knockout competition. £2.50 to enter, open to everybody (not just league players).

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