Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pairs Knockout - 4 February 2013

Match Report
A bit of fun last night: it was a pairs knockout with the pairs being chosen at random. Matches were played as the best of 5 legs of 501.

Ben & Tom were drawn against Andy & Matt in the first match. The first leg was the now traditional lengthy hunt for the last double but Andy finally found double-1 to take an early lead which they held onto despite being outscored through most of the match, Ben hitting the night's highest score of 121 to win a consolation £5 (although he also scored a 3 with another throw, inconsistency striking again). Final score: 3-1 to Andy & Matt and a place in the final.

In the second match Sam & Ram played Anne & James. There must have been an outbreak of dartitis because both Ram and James struggled to find either doubles or trebles. Steady play from Sam and Anne kept the scores close but the star of the match, and indeed the night, was Anne with some killer checkouts: she checked out all three legs for a 3-0 win to her and James.

And so to the final. Steady throwing from both Andy and Matt was too much for the wayward arrows of James and Anne who unfortunately couldn't repeat the form of her previous match, and Andy & Matt took the laurels, and the £10 prize, with a 3-0 victory. Andy also scored the highest checkout of 63 for an additional £5.

As is so common in pairs the scoring in tonight's matches was lower than a normal singles match - the format means it is difficult to get into a throwing rhythm - and there were surprisingly few trebles all night. Having said that, the majority of scores were in the 40 to 60 range, which is decent scoring for pub darts. All in all it was a lot of fun and made a change from the regular format. Thanks to everyone who turned up to play or watch, and also to our landlady Sam for putting on the food.

Next Week
It's a return to the regular league next week as we reach Round 4 - the halfway point. The matches will be:
Andy v Sam
Ben v Natasha
Darren v Tom
James v Anne
Sam v Ram

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