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Match Report - 11th February 2013

Match Report
Last night was Round 4 so we are now officially past the half-way point in this season.

Andy and Sam got the ball rolling in the first match and some good scoring from Sam including a 114 kept the pressure on Andy but doubles proved harder to find and Andy won 3-0.

Ben played Natasha next and after a slow start which saw both players return to the oche time and again for the last double the pace picked up. Natasha had her best scoring match so far and kept it close despite a 100 and 116 from Ben, but Ben's checkouts were steadier (after two failed attempts at 67 - twice hit the treble-17 but bust with a single 16 instead of the double-8) and he won 3-0.

Darren faced Tom in the third match. Steady darts from Darren gave him the edge and although there were no big scores he made his doubles count to take the match 3-0.

James and Anne were next up and James put in a workman-like performance. Despite a shaky spell on his scoring his checkouts were accurate, including a 40 and 52, to win 3-0.

Finally Sam returned to play her second match of the night, this time against Ram. With the added spice of a promise to swap shirts if Ram won this was a keenly contested match. Sam was scoring very well - the best scores of the night including the top score of 125 - but again her doubles were her undoing and although she had a lead in each leg it was Ram who checked out, hitting the night's highest checkout 69 to take one of the legs: 3-0 to Ram.
Suits you, sir!
Next Week
No Sam for Round 5 next week so a couple of fixtures have been swapped.
Andy v James
Anne v Ben
James v Darren
Natasha v Ram
Tom v Andy

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