Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Round 4 - 14th May 2013

Match Report
Only three matches last night as two of our players, Anne and John, were unable to make it, so there has been a little reshuffling of fixtures.

Getting the ball rolling were Sam and Tom in one of the most even matches I've ever seen. There was nothing between them on the scoreboard with both players hitting occasional ton-pluses - including a 125 by Sam - interspersed with low numbers. Tom even managed to bust 127 by scoring a 140 - the highest of the night - that unfortunately didn't count as the highest score because it bust. The final score was a 2-2 draw: an accurate reflection of the match.

Second up on the oche were Ben and James. James started strongly, hitting a treble-20 in each of his first three throws to gain a decisive lead in the opening leg. Ben struggled to hit his targets in the second leg too and was lucky to even reach a finishable total. Just when it all looked to be over, the third leg became a turning point as Ben found his form and started to finally hit the trebles, building a good lead by the time he got below 200. But that was when this brief patch of form deserted him and James narrowed the gap until both players were looking at double-top with Ben to throw first. All three darts landed outside the board and James sealed it on the next turn with the night's best checkout of 40. Result: 3-0 to James.

The last match of the night saw Ram play Darren in a rearranged fixture since both players' original opponents were absent. The scoring was good in the quickest match of the night with both finding trebles regularly. Ram thought he'd scored a 140 but narrowly missed out as one dart lay just below the treble wire, but there were several ton and ton-plus scores logged. Things were looking even in the first half as the score went to 1-1 but while Ram kept up the pressure, Darren started to slip and his scoring declined. Ram pressed home the advantage and came out the winner 3-1.

A special mention to James who achieved the maximum 3 bonus points for highest score (135), highest checkout (40) and for keeping a clean sheet in his match.
Next Week
Round 5 will be played next Tuesday 21st. The fixtures for that night will be:
Anne v John
Ben v Sam
James v Ram
Tom v Darren

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