Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Round 5 - 21st May 2013

It was another short round last night as Anne was again not fit enough to play, and John was also absent. I've not heard anything from John directly but it appears he may be unable to complete the season, in which case I will either find a substitute player or take the "Pools Panel" option of estimating what the results are likely to have been. For now his outstanding fixtures remain in the list.

Match Report
Ben played Sam in the first match of the night and both players started slowly with low average scores. Ben came from behind to take the first leg and he held a narrow lead to hit his double first in the second leg as well. Sam threw more steadily in the third leg but despite hitting a Shanghai 120 Ben's scoring was stronger overall and, with both players trying for their final doubles, he hit double-top to win 3-0.

Next up were Tom and Darren. Tom got off to a good start, taking the first leg but Darren came back strongly in the second as he started to find the trebles more frequently to level the match. A spot of double-trouble for both players saw numerous attempts at the madhouse, double-1, before Darren went ahead and he continued scoring well into the final leg to win the match 3-1, scoring a good 127 along the way.

Rounding off the night were James and Ram. Ram threw first and both players scored steadily but it was James who took the first leg against the throw and carried on to take the second leg. Ram held his throw in the third leg as both players' scoring improved with regular 80+ totals, including a 140 from Ram. The fourth leg was wide open as James had the throw but failed to open with a good score, allowing Ram to challenge for the lead. Even though Ram had a few wild darts, James suffered more trouble with his aim and Ram had a comfortable lead by the time he reached a checkout, and even though James managed to reach a finish, Ram checked out 40 to draw 2-2.

Bonus points to Ram for the highest score 140, to Ram and Ben for the highest checkout 40 and a clean-sheet bonus to Ben.

Next Week
Next Monday is another Bank Holiday so instead of the regular league on the Tuesday there will be a Knockout on Monday night. All are welcome: we will start at 8pm and as usual it will cost £2.50 each to enter.

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